Since 2019, Project Cool City has been exploring ways to reactivate the ancient aqueducts, cisterns, and fountains in Naples, in order to counteract heat islands in the city from global warming and urban developments. By bringing up cool water and air from its forgotten underground infrastructure from Ancient Greek and Roman period, we want to create new community spaces and public life that promotes ecological future. Revisiting how water was vital the life and culture of the city, Project Cool City is an important part of a multi-program event to revive fundamental, intimate and daily relationship between water and people of Naples. We hope that this would formulate and envision Biennale of Water Naples 2026 (Biennale of Water Napoli 2026), a transnational and interdisciplinary program that would link in various Mediterranean countries with similar problems and potential, with the aim of developing and disseminating sustainable urban and territorial planning, with water the commoning instrument for exchanges and connections between nature and humanity.

Project Cool City will investigate and learn from the hydrology of Naples, and its vast varieties of water and minerals gifted from the special biodiversity of its volcanic history. We will work with environmental engineers, biologist, urban sociologists, archeologists, ecologists, environmental geologists, architects, urban designers and participatory artists and others though on-going relation with universities, action groups, national and international institute and agencies on water, with particular attention to the urban, architectural and cultural heritage of Naples and other Mediterranean cities. The Project CoolCity has presented its works in the Korean Pavilion of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, (2021), a design workshop in Seoul and an exhibition at Bukchon Hanok Hall, (South Korea, 2021) with Yeonghwan Lim and Sunhyun Kim of Hongik University and Kyong Park of University of California, San Diego , and are continuing and developing Hydrotopia in Atlas for Mediterranean Liquidity (2022-active); consultancy for the Volla and Paludi di Naples Reclamation Consortium for the use of groundwater from the Eastern Aquifer of Naples (2021-22); Constellation of the Well and Hydrological History of Neapolis, with LUPT (2023-active). Hydrosophia programs for the acquisition of the waters of the Gulf of Naples in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (2023-active);

Operational headquarters: Piazza E. De Nicola 46 – stairs A int . 71  – 80137 Naples (IT)